Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you are searching for a safe and effective method to enhance your breasts, but have concerns about getting breast implants, there is a procedure that can increase breast size and offer a natural look.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a relatively new procedure for women who want to make their breasts larger and shapelier.

Based in Norfolk, Nebraska, Dr. Demetrio Aguila is a skilled surgeon who has helped numerous patients improve their looks and their lives through cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation that employs fat transfer relies on liposuction to transfer fat from other parts of your body into your breasts. Results are noticeable, yet natural-looking.

This procedure has gained popularity in recent years because it does not include the need for implants, which have caused health problems for some implant patients across the world over the years.

In breast augmentation done with fat transfer, fat can be taken from other parts of the body, including your: thighs, hips, abdomen and flanks – depending on what the patient has available.

Natural breast augmentation is most effective in women who are seeking to moderately increase the size of their breasts. Typically, the majority of patients will see their breast size increase by one cup. This approach provides breast augmentation without the “fake” look that other procedures can give patients.

Candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation should be in good overall health and meet certain weight requirements. Doctor Aguila can help you decide if this is the right procedure for you.

If it is not, other breast augmentation surgeries are available, and Dr. Aguila will be happy to review your options and help you make an educated decision about your procedure.

Natural breast augmentation is a great procedure for those who have undergone mastectomies or reconstructive surgery for breast cancer. Other patients simply prefer an alternative to implants.

Natural breast augmentation surgery also can be done to correct breast irregularities. For example, if one of your breasts is larger than the other, you could be a candidate for natural breast augmentation.

Before natural breast augmentation surgery is performed, a mammogram is needed to ensure the patient is healthy and prepared for this procedure.

As with any surgery, some potential risks accompany natural breast augmentation. But studies indicate the risks are fewer than those associated with other breast augmentation surgeries.

Some risks associated with natural breast augmentation are:

  • Cysts.
  • Infection.
  • Microcalcification.
  • Death of fat cells.
  • The chance of some transferred fat cells escaping from the breast area.

Doctor Aguila will discuss any potential risks with you and address any concerns you may have about this procedure.

Women who want to increase their breast size, but with a more natural procedure and more natural-looking results, now have the option of selecting natural breast augmentation.

By transferring your own fat from one area of your body to the breast, you can now gain the extra shape and roundness that you have desired. Patients have come away from breast augmentation surgery feeling better about themselves and looking better than they have in years. You can too.

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Doctor Aguila consults with patients one-on-one to determine what type of breast augmentation is best for them and which parts of the body fat can be transferred from.

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