Peripheral Nerve Surgery Stories

Dr. Aguila and the team have had great success helping patients move on from lives with chronic pain that couldn’t be successfully treated. Through peripheral nerve surgery, our patients are now enjoying better quality of life. See their stories and then create your own.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Success Stories

Dr. Aguila Heals Darryn's Eye and Mind Through Reconstructive Surgery

  Darryn shares his story after successful reconstructive…

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Repairs Damaged Eye Socket, Saves Vision and Relieves Headaches

Bill had an accident loading livestock. The center gate in a…

Successful Reconstructive Surgery Boosts Self Esteem

Macy's had a successful reconstructive surgery with Dr. Aghila.…

Migraine Headaches Gone After Dr. Aguila Identifies and Removes Nerves

Cheryl's Story Migraine Headaches Gone  "Before my surgery,…

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Heals Troy's Foot and Ankle Neuromas

Troy's Story  For many years I suffered from chronic ankle…

Young Father Overcomes Chronic Pain Thanks to Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Words of Hope Healing Hands patient Wade bravely shares his…

Dr. Aguila Helps David Walk Again Thanks to Peripheral Nerve Surgery

David goes from his wheelchair to walking thanks to Peripheral Nerve…

Do I Have a Peripheral Nerve Problem?

The human nervous system is divided into two categories. The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord.

What is Peripheral Nerve Surgery?

Historically, the field of peripheral nerve surgery has been primarily focused on improving outcomes in patients who have suffered serious injury to important motor nerves.

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