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Personal Injury Attorneys

Patients suffering from pain caused by an injury or an accident are often left in the dark about how to navigate the system. These patients enlist the help of personal injury attorneys, however they too are not aware of the many types of pain problems and the myriad of specialists. Dr. Aguila and Healing Hands of Nebraska can act as a liaison and contact point to help direct patient care benefiting both the patient and attorney. Let us know how we can partner with you.

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Dr. Demetrio J. Aguila, III, M.D. FACS

Learn more aobut Dr. Demetrio J. Aguila III, M.D. FACS, our physician leading our team who’s dedicated to collaborating with colleagues in medicine to provide medical care that vastly improves the lives of our patients.

The Aguila Team Can Help

Dr. Demetrio Aguila and his team at Healing Hands of Nebraska can help patients suffering from unexplained nerve pain or other chronic pain. We urge everyone to not ignore symptoms when solutions may be possible. Take the first step to feeling better, come and see us about solutions for chronic pain, allergies, and reconstructive surgery

Call us at 1-402-370-9515 or fill out the form on this page to set up a consultation to determine your best options.

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