The M25 Program

Dr. Aguila and the team at Healing Hands of Nebraska make patient’s dreams come true with surgical procedures paid by their own community service.

M25 Program Patient Stories

When Dr. Aguila created the M25 program his hope was to give patients options to pay for surgery while simultaneously lifting his local community. At the heart of his vision was the simple beauty of people helping people. The M25 program came to life last week when a group of total strangers rallied to help a patient have a surgery he needed but could not afford.

The Aguila Team Can Help

Dr. Demetrio Aguila and his team at Healing Hands of Nebraska can help patients suffering from unexplained nerve pain or other chronic pain. We urge everyone to not ignore symptoms when solutions may be possible. Take the first step to feeling better, come and see us about solutions for chronic pain, allergies, and reconstructive surgery.

Call us at 1-402-370-9515 or fill out the form on this page to set up a consultation to determine your best options.

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