Video Q&As with Dr. Aguila

Dr. Aguila is happy to answer questions that make patients better understand treatment options and alternatives. In this series, he answers questions via video.

Videos with Dr. Aguila

Why Dr. Aguila Does Not Accept Insurance Part II

It's a hot-button issue but watch this short video to understand…

Dr. Aguila Explains Why He Does Not Take Insurance

Demetrio Aguila MD is known for innovation in the clinical and…

Notalgia Paresthetica Explained

Notalgia paresthetica is a peripheral nerve problem resulting…

Ear Tubes Under Local Anesthesia – FAQs Part 2

The second part of two part Q&A on the TULA procedure.

Tubes Under Local Anesthesia (TULA) – FAQs Part 1

The first in a two part Q&A on the TULA ear tube procedure.

Dr. Aguila on Why He is Wearing a Mask

Dr. Aguila discusses why wearing a mask is a helpful act during COVID-19.

Dr. Aguila on Telemedicine and Patient Screening During COVID-19

Dr. Aguila shares how Telemedicine is a great option to maintain healthcare during COVID.

Dr. Aguila on COVID and Telemedicine

During COVID-19, new ways of helping patience includes the use of telemedicine.

Finding Value in Healthcare

Many people mistakenly think that having insurance and seeing…

Lab Testing at Healing Hands

Dr. Aguila is now offering comprehensive lab testing at their…

Signs of a Peripheral Nerve Injury

Patients with peripheral nerve injuries typically experience…

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Dr. Demetrio Aguila and the team at Healing Hands of Nebraska…

Getting to Know My Patients

In this short video Dr. Demetrio Aguila talks about the time…

Sciatica Pain and Piriformis Syndrome

Sciatica is a difficult condition for many doctors to treat.…

Family Sacrifice of a Peripheral Nerve Surgeon

Behind every great doctor is a strong, supportive family. In…

How Dr. Aguila Became a Peripheral Nerve Surgeon

Dr. Aguila was treating an injured veteran for a peripheral nerve…

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Fills a Void for Patients with Chronic Pain

Dr. Aguila is a trained ENT, Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeon.…

How Dr. Aguila Treats Sinusitis

Patients with Sinusitis fall into one of three diagnostic categories.…

Military Experience Shapes Dr. Aguila’s Medical Career

Dr. Aguila explains his passionate commitment to his fellow brothers…

What Kind of Doctor is Dr. Aguila?

Dr. Aguila explains his deep and varied expertise and training…

Peripheral Nerve Surgery or Orthopedic Surgery?

In this video, Dr. Aguila explains the overlap and distinction…

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