Allergy Treatments

If you have challenges with your allergies, Dr. Aguila and the team will work with you to help develop a long-term solution.

Treatments for Allergies

If you’ve been living with environmental allergies, your daily routine may involve sneezing, sinus pressure, congestion, and coughing. The body sometimes mistakenly identifies common substances like dust or pollen as harmful. When it attacks the “intruder,” you may suffer from any or more of these symptoms.

Thankfully, there are solutions. This includes allergy testing, allergy shots, and immunotherapy.

If the first blooms of spring bring on itchy eyes and a stuffy nose, then it might be time to see an ENT. Dr. Demetrio Aguila can offer treatment for seasonal and perennial allergies so you can enjoy the lasting relief you’ve been waiting for.

How Dr. Aguila Treats Sinusitis

Patients with Sinusitis fall into one of three diagnostic categories. At Healing Hands of Nebraska, Dr. Demetrio Aguila has many different ways to treat each patient depending on which category they fall into. In this video, he explains all of the options.

The Aguila Team Can Help

Dr. Demetrio Aguila and his team at Healing Hands of Nebraska can help patients suffering from unexplained nerve pain or other chronic pain. We urge everyone to not ignore symptoms when solutions may be possible. Take the first step to feeling better, come and see us about solutions for chronic pain, allergies, and reconstructive surgery.

Call us at 1-402-370-9515 or fill out the form on this page to set up a consultation to determine your best options.

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