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Do you need balloon sinus surgery? Talk to Dr. Aguila and the team to see how we can develop a plan that can offer a long-term solution.

Nasal Reconstruction Surgery

Millions of people around the world suffer from sinus problems, most of then brought on by changes in the weather or season.

For most people, sinus issues are a temporary problem that go away on their own or can be treated with a trip to the local pharmacy for sinus medications. For others, sinus problems can be chronic – returning again and again and negatively impacting their quality of life and ability to work.

If you have serious sinus problems that prevent you from leading a normal, active life, it may be time for an appointment with Dr. Demetrio Aguila.

Based in Norfolk, Nebraska, Dr. Aguila is a skilled and respected surgeon who has been treating patients with serious sinus problems for years. If you are concerned that your sinuses are hindering your ability to work and enjoy life, contact Dr. Aguila’s office today for a consultation.

Some sinus issues lead to inflammation of your sinus opening. That can stop the proper drainage of mucus. For most people, this condition is an annoyance, but not a major issue in their lives. Others can be left in pain and unable to work.

If your condition is keeping you down, it could be time to explore balloon sinus surgery with Dr. Aguila.

Doctor Aguila can provide both aesthetic and reconstructive options for your sinus problems, and that includes balloon sinus surgery.

What Is Balloon Sinus Surgery?

This surgery has been proven to help those who suffer from sinusitis. Typically, patients opt for this surgery after traditional treatments and medications have failed to work.

Candidates for this surgery include people who have sinus infections that last at least three months.

The surgery works much as a balloon angioplasty does. A major benefit of balloon sinus surgery is that it is much less invasive than traditional sinus surgeries.

How Does The Surgery Work?

Patients are glad to learn that this surgery does not require removal of bone or tissue from your nose. Balloon sinus surgery gets its name because the procedure employs a small, flexible balloon that is placed inside the sinuses and then inflated. As it inflates, the balloon opens blocked sinus passages. This helps restore proper sinus drainage.

In traditional sinus surgeries, bone is removed. That’s not needed in balloon surgery, which dilates sinus openings by moving bone – not removing it.

Doctor Aguila will meet with you individually before your procedure to review its pros and cons, discuss your medical history and talk about post-surgery care. Every patient is different with different needs, so surgery results can vary.

Studies have indicated that more than 95 percent of balloon sinus surgery patients emerge happy with their procedures, and most importantly, with less pain and better nasal function.


Doctor Aguila and his team understand the importance of work and careers in people’s lives. A major benefit of balloon sinus surgery is that the majority of patients can return to work and normal activity the day after the procedure.

Other benefits of balloon sinus surgery are:

  • The use of such a small device allows us to gently open your sinuses.
  • Minimal bleeding.
  • Quicker healing.
  • Fast recovery time. You can be back at work the next day.
  • No hospitalization. This procedure often can be done on an out-patient basis.

Also, because the surgical device used during this procedure is an endoscopic tool, it can be used for other sinus therapies that can be employed down the road if needed.

If chronic sinus problems are causing you pain, forcing you to miss work or leaving you unable to enjoy life to the fullest, it’s time to consider balloon sinus surgery.

Risk Factors: Sinusitis

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