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BOTOX has grown to become one of the world’s most effective and popular anti-aging treatments, and that should come as no surprise to patients who have used BOTOX.

BOTOX has proven to be reliable in revitalizing the looks of users – and is a non-surgical treatment that requires no downtime.

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It’s no accident that BOTOX Cosmetic treatment has become as popular as it is. Patients who want to reduce wrinkles, frown lines and other signs of aging all can benefit from BOTOX.

BOTOX offers our patients the chance to look as good as they feel inside. And it does not have the cost, risks and recovery time that invasive surgeries can bring.

Doctor Aguila spends time with his patients to review their medical and treatment histories and help them develop the BOTOX treatment regimen that’s right for them.

BOTOX Cosmetic debuted in 2002, becoming the first botulinum toxin to get the green light from the U.S. F.D.A. to treat the frown lines that often appear between our eyebrows as we age.

BOTOX Cosmetic is used by millions of people around the world. In fact, about 12 million BOTOX procedures have been done in the U.S. alone since 2002.

BOTOX Cosmetic must be prescribed by a doctor. Most patients have it injected between the eyebrows to help reduce frown lines. It is available to patients 18 and older.

BOTOX works by specifically targeting muscles between your brows. It effectively blocks nerve impulses to those muscles – and that reduces muscle movement which often causes unwanted lines to form.

To achieve the best results and maintain them, patients typically come for BOTOX treatments every three months or so.

Can I Receive BOTOX Treatment?

Cosmetic BOTOX was made to help people who want to diminish frown lines that can make them appear older. BOTOX also helps patients who want to erase crow’s feet and forehead creases. Patients with deep lines may require additional BOTOX treatment.

BOTOX is not meant to be a wrinkle cure-all. BOTOX can’t treat wrinkles that are the result of damage from the sun. It also does not treat loss of skin elasticity which occurs as we age.

BOTOX also can be used to treat people who experience excessive and embarrassing sweating.

Who Should Not Use BOTOX?

Women who are nursing or pregnant should not undergo BOTOX treatment. Patients on certain antibiotics or with certain medical issues also should not use BOTOX. Doctor Aguila will tell you if BOTOX is right for you after a consultation.

Also, patients can have varying responses to BOTOX. Some patients may not achieve the results they want because another type of treatment is needed. If BOTOX is not for you, Dr. Aguila can help you find the proper treatment to achieve your goals.
Side Effects

Some BOTOX side effects that can occur in some patients are:

  • Pain at the point of injection
  • Headaches
  • Bruising, bleeding or swelling

These issues typically disappear a few hours after your treatment. Other potential side effects of BOTOX are flu-like symptoms, drooping near areas that were treated and respiratory issues. But these side effects are rare.

The vast majority of Dr. Aguila’s patients have no major side effects and return for additional treatment.

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