Chronic Headaches Cured with Nerve Surgery

Debra was suffering from intense headaches that left her bedridden. She tried various treatments but nothing worked. Then she found Peripheral Nerve Surgeon Dr. Demetrio Aguila. Dr. Aguila diagnosed her with Occipital Neuralgia and offered her a surgical solution that could change her life. Watch her powerful story of hope.

Low Back Pain Healed with Nerve Surgery

Lindsey suffered from lower back pain. She tried conservative treatments and endured painful injections but nothing helped. Then she heard the words Superior Cluneal Nerves and her fate changed. She researched online and found Dr. Aguila’s YouTube Channel featuring stories of patients he helped overcome chronic pain. Watch how Dr. Aguila changed Lindsey’s life.

Foot Drop Fixed with Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Deanna suffered from numbness and tingling in her foot after hip replacement surgery. Her orthopedic surgeon thought it would resolve itself in a few weeks. Six months later she was still struggling to walk and drive. Thankfully she found Dr. Demetrio Aguila a Peripheral Nerve Surgeon who knew how to help her heal. Watch her story.