Tubes Under Local Anesthesia for Ear Infections

One year old Madelyn was suffering from chronic ear infections. Her parents Annie and Scott had horrible experiences when their other kids had ear tubes. Annie learned about a new breakthrough called TULA – tubes under local anesthesia. TULA is a much less invasive procedure than traditional ear tubes. Dr. Demetrio Aguila is one of only a few surgeons worldwide offering TULA and in a stroke of good luck, he was in her home state of Nebraska.

Annie and Scott took one year old Madelyn to see Dr. Aguila because of her chronic ear infections.

Dr. Aguila is one of only a handful of surgeons in the country offering TULA – tubes under local anesthesia.

Annie learned about this exciting new technology through her profession.

Annie: I am a speech language pathologist at a school. When I learned about TULA I thought it sounded super cool. I did not think we would have the TULA option in Nebraska. I thought it was a coastal thing. We were so excited when we found out it was offered in our home state.

Dr. Aguila: Our practice is all about finding better ways to do everything. Our practice is known for being unconventional and TULA is a perfect fit for our philosophy here.

Annie and Scott had had problems when their other kids had ear tubes the traditional way – in the hospital, under general anesthesia and away from mom and dad.

Annie: Our oldest son he had tubes and then our third child had repeat tubes and so for him the first ones did not take well and so we had to go back and redo them within a few months which was kind of discouraging.

TULA with Dr. Aguila was a much better experience on every level.

Annie: We were with her every step of the way and she was with mom and dad which is great that we did not have to separate and did not have to stand behind the door as the nurse takes them away and they are confused about what is going on.

Two months after TULA Madelyn is a different child.

Annie: No fevers we are not having issues with antibiotics we are at daycare we are at work we are having sleeping so she’s sleeping through the night that’s probably the biggest difference she’s sleeping so well she’s happier she can hear, all good things.

Annie is spreading the word about TULA to everyone she knows.

Annie: There’s a great place in Norfolk, Nebraska called the Healing Hands that you should totally call and check to see what they can do for you. I love being able to tell my colleagues that this is an option for students in the public schools that they serve that this is an awesome consideration that they should consider and let them know about.

We are just grateful that this could go the way it did and that she is able to have that relief.

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Ear Tubes Under Local Anesthesia

Dr. Aguila is one of a few surgeons in the U.S. now offering TULA, tubes under local anesthesia. In this video he demonstrates how the procedure works in the doctor’s office without the cost or inconvenience of a hospital or general anesthesia. TULA is a simple, affordable and accessible option for kids and adults who need ear tubes as a result of frequent ear infections.

Dr. Demetrio Aguila demonstrates in this video:

We are going to show you exactly how TULA works with this little model patient that we have here now

The procedure is simple. This is the device that

we used to put the tube in. This has a tube in it right now.

I am going to show you how that works.

Normally I have magnification loops on which allow me to see a higher magnification.

I look in there after the child has had his or her ears appropriately anesthetized. They are made nice and numb I put the device in here like this and I press the button boom tube’s in that’s, it all done!

This training model has in it a simulated eardrum and there you can see the tube right in the simulated eardrum. TULA is simple, easy, convenient, affordable

and accessible.

What more can you ask for?

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Dr. Demetrio Aguila is the first surgeon in the world to perform TULA – Tubes under local anesthesia. A child can sit on his or her mom’s lap while Dr. Aguila inserts the ear tubes under local anesthesia and in his office. TULA is safer, more convenient and cheaper than traditional ear tube surgery. Patients can save money and time while eliminating the risk of general anesthesia.

The Tula System has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in clinical studies, and 95% of parents in the most recent study were very satisfied with the Tula procedure.2,3 In a clinical study without sedation or general anesthesia, ENT doctors were able to successfully insert tubes in 87% of the children.2 If the in-office procedure is not successful or cannot be completed, your ENT doctor may reschedule the procedure in the OR.

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