M25 Program Patient Jeff Jensen One Year Update

Dr. Aguila’s inspiring and innovative M25 Program has touched people all over the world and has been covered by CNN, NBC and ABC News.
M25 allows patients to finance healthcare through donating community service hours.
In this video we get an update from the very first M25 patient one year after his life changing surgery.

Dr. Aguila and his M25 Program featured on CNN


Dr. Aguila and Healing Hands of Nebraska’s M25 Program is being featured on CNN’s Champions for Change series, with the great work the practice is doing honored for its impact.

Discover more media coverage of the innovative and life-changing program.

How the M25 Program and Dr. Aguila Helped a Young Boy Overcome a Terrible Accident

Successful Surgery for First M25 Patient

CBS News This Morning

Dr. Aguila featured on National and Local News for his innovative M25 Program that allows patients to finance their healthcare including surgery by doing community service.

CBS News This Morning

CBS News Omaha

The Massachusetts Medical Society, publishers of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine their Facebook Page

People Magazine

First Patient in M25 Program

Meet the first patient participating in our M25 Program. Jeffrey Jensen has spent much of his life giving back to the community. Now he’s asking for help. Watch part one of his inspiring journey.