Low Back Pain Gone Thanks to Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Peripheral Nerve Surgery Delivers ‘Minor Miracle’ for Patient

Lorraine suffered from excruciating low back pain for years. She endured spine surgery and other treatments but nothing helped ease the pain. Doctors told her she would have to live with the pain. Then she met Dr. Demetrio Aguila, a Peripheral Nerve Surgeon. Lorraine and her husband Ed drove nine hours in inclement weather so Dr. Aguila could perform his “minor miracle,” through peripheral nerve surgery. Watch her inspiring story.

Healing Hands Telemedicine

During this difficult and challenging period in history, Dr. Aguila and his Healing Hands team are ready to serve patients and keep them safe with the implementation of Telemedicine or Telehealth. Watch this video to learn how Telemedicine can help you.

Dr. Aguila Shares His Thoughts on COVID-19

Dr. Aguila shares his thoughts and recommendations on COVID-19. In this five minute video, he addresses how he is dealing with the pandemic as a doctor, husband, and father. He gives great insights on who to rely on for credible information and how we can handle COVID-19 as an individual, a community and a nation. Well worth five minutes of your time. Take a listen.

Dr. Aguila Helps Teen Overcome Gynecomastia

Isaac lost weight but was left with fatty tissue around his chest, a condition called Gynecomastia. He was embarrassed and reluctant to work out in public. Dr. Aguila offered him a surgical solution that changed his life. Watch Isaac’s inspiring story.

CNN Experience: Dr. Demetrio Aguila and M25 Program

CNN was in Nebraska last week to spend time with Dr. Aguila and learn more about his inspiring M25 Program. The national network news crew delved deeply into the story, spending 2.5 hours on the interview and two full days covering Dr. Aguila at his Norfolk office, the South Omaha Surgical Center and at Offut Air Force Base. All in all, two tiring, but exciting and productive days. In this video diary, Dr. Aguia shares with us what the experience was like.