Dr. Aguila Introduces Sober Surgery to Healing Hands of Nebraska

Dr. Aguila and Healing Hands of Nebraska have partnered with Rise Recovery and Family Hospital Systems to offer Sober Surgery to patients. This revolutionary program allows patients to get pain relief through surgery without narcotic pain medication which can lead to addiction. Watch to learn more.

The M25 Program Comes to Life at Millard Family Hospital

M25 Program Helps a Young Boy and His Family

This story brings to life why Dr. Aguila created the M25 Program which allows patients to pay for surgery with community service. Nine-year-old Silas suffered a horrible dog bite to the face, an injury requiring multiple surgeries. His parents could not afford the treatment that would dramatically affect their son’s life. Thankfully they had access to the M25 Program, an experience that touched everyone involved in Silas’s care.



Norfolk Transition for Healing Hands of Nebraska

Dr. Aguila explains how the Norfolk office will function now that he is relocating the Healing Hands headquarters to Papillion Family Hospital to better serve his global patient base. Steve Carlson PA-C is taking over the Norfolk location. He will be introducing many new service lines while also providing a continuum of care to patients in NE Nebraska.

Gratitude for Dr. Aguila and the M25 Program

Dr. Aguila’s patient Nicole shares her feelings of gratitude for Dr. Aguila and his M25 Program which allows patients to pay for surgery with community service. This video represents Nicole’s story in her own words.

Family Hospital Systems Papillion Ribbon Cutting

Excited about the future of Healing Hands of Nebraska at Papillion Family Hospital!

Dr. Aguila Tribute on Memorial Day

Dr. Aguila spent 22 years in the military, an experience that shaped who he is today. In this heartfelt video tribute, he honors fellow veterans who paid the ultimate price by remembering them on Memorial Day.

Piriformis Syndrome Pain Relieved With Nerve Surgery

Delores back and leg pain was so bad she would cry for days. After years of frustration she never dreamed she would find a doctor who could help her. But after Dr. Aguila removed her Piriformis Muscle she is “a new me.” Watch her inspiring story and learn more about this groundbreaking surgery.