Operation Warriors Hope: Donations Needed

Dr. Aguila’s latest philanthropic program offers free healthcare for any Purple Heart recipient. As a veteran himself, Dr. Aguila has a deep loyalty to his brothers and sisters in arms. But he cannot do it alone. Operation Warriors Hope needs your help to touch the lives of as many Purple Heart recipients as possible. Please consider a donation.

Nasal Obstruction Relieved Thanks to Dr. Aguila

Gus was suffering from a deviated septum. He could not breathe through his nose and mouth breathing took a toll on him. He could not sleep, taste food or smell. Dr. Aguila was able to fix his problem surgically with a procedure done in the office under local anesthesia. Watch how.

Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Carpal Tunnel Release with Ultrasound Guidance

Corrie suffers from bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She could no longer enjoy gardening and cake decorating.
Dr. Demetrio Aguila relieved her pain with Carpal Tunnel Release with Ultrasound Guidance.
She had no pain and recovered almost immediately.
Watch her story and learn more at our free screening event.
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