TULA: Tubes Under Local Anesthesia – Briley’s Story

Briley suffered from ear infections since she was six month old. Luckily for her Dr. Demetrio Aguila traveled to her hometown in Atkinson, Nebraska to offer her a cutting edge procedure called TULA – tubes under local anesthesia. Dr. Aguila has performed two of the first four TULA procedures done in the United States.

Briley in and out in less than an hour and on to her new life…

Learn more https://www.healinghandsofnebraska.com/tula-tubes-under-local-anesthesia/

Quick Recovery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Michelle was putting off surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in hopes something would come along so she would not have to deal with the downtime of traditional surgery.
One day scrolling through Facebook she found her answer.
See if you are a candidate and chat with Dr. Aguila https://visit.nemedic.com/m/dr-demetr


Dr. Aguila Explains Meralgia Paresthetica


Meralgia Paresthetica is one of the most common nerve compression problems that Dr. Demetrio Aguila treats. The patient presents with thigh pain and or tingling that can travel down to the knee. The good news is that Dr. Aguila can essentially cure Meralgia Paresthetica with a simple, outpatient procedure. Learn more by watching this short video.