Chronic Pain After Shingles

Two Years of Pain Finally Gone Thanks to Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Julie had terrible pain after Shingles that wrapped around her chest. Wearing clothes was very difficult and she was in pain all day, every day. Dr. Aguila was able to correctly diagnose post-herpetic neuralgia and treated her successfully with peripheral nerve surgery. Watch her story.
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  1. Joan
    Joan says:


    I am so impressed by the reviews I have seen pertains to your surgery for post shingle pain!

    I have also had test and injections next step would be spinal cord stimulation

    Your procedure appears to be exactly what I need! I have been in pain for a year and a half! My skin just cries for help! My back even my breasts hurt and burn

    If you know anyone over my location (Louisiania ) or close

    Be well and keep helping these poor people who literally can not function! You have a true gift!!

    Joan Mcquiddy

    • garry jones
      garry jones says:


      I am in Pineville Louisiana…I also have been diagnosed with phn. Were you able to find anyone closer to home for treatment?


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