Dr. Aguila Helps David Walk Again Thanks to Peripheral Nerve Surgery

David Goes from Wheelchair to Walking Thanks to Peripheral Nerve Surgery

David was confined to a wheelchair after a hip replacement surgery destroyed nerves, muscles, and tendons in his leg. He couldn’t use his leg for two years. After seeking help at Johns Hopkins University they directed him to one of their own, Dr. Demetrio Aguila. Dr. Aguila decompressed the sciatic, common/deep/superficial peroneal nerves through peripheral nerve surgery.

Watch how David’s life changed.

Long-term Solutions for Chronic Pain through Peripheral Nerve Surgery

If you are suffering from chronic pain and numbness and are searching for relief and a return to a more active and pain-free life, peripheral nerve surgery could be the procedure that finally restores you to health.

With offices in Norfolk, Nebraska, Dr. Demetrio Aguila is one of the nation’s top peripheral nerve surgeons – and one of the few who performs the procedure in this part of the country.

A member of the American Society for Peripheral Nerve, Dr. Aguila specializes in peripheral nerve surgery and has helped patients from around the country regain pain-free and healthy lives.

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