Dr. Aguila Heals Darryn’s Eye and Mind Through Reconstructive Surgery

Darryn shares his story after successful reconstructive surgery with Dr. Aguila.

“I suffered traumatic injuries due to an accident while on vacation in another state. I was life flighted to a trauma center with facial fractures to my sinuses, forehead and right eye socket. I was looking at possible vision loss, sinus problems, and cosmetic problems.

I was terrified, worrying about my vision and what I would look like. Doctors at the trauma center told me I would need multiple surgeries requiring travel and time away from family and friends.

When I got home I learned about Dr. Aguila. I made an appointment to see him. He looked at my x-rays and scans and said he could do all my surgeries at one time in one place.

Dr. Aguila was very professional. He was confident and made me feel comfortable about my surgery. He took the time to explain what would happen step by step.

The surgery was a success. My life went back to how it was before the accident. My family and friends are amazed by Dr. Aguila’s skills. If you did not know I was in an accident you would not even notice I had a surgery. My before and after pictures are amazing thanks to Dr. Aguila.”


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