Peripheral Nerve Surgery Heals Troy’s Foot and Ankle Neuromas

Troy’s Story 

For many years I suffered from chronic ankle pain. By the time I met Dr. Aguila I had endured seven ankle surgeries, two plates and lots of hardware in my left ankle. The Orthopedic doctors were at a loss at what to do.I was taking lots of pain meds. I was to the point that I didn’t play with my kids or do the outdoor things I love anymore. My friends quit calling because they knew I would say know if they invited me to go hunting or fishing. My marriage suffered because I was in pain all the time and just wanted to go to bed after work. My job suffered and I had to change professions because it was hard to get around. Things were really falling apart around me.

It was frustrating because I saw many different doctors in Omaha, Norfolk, and Sioux Falls but no one could help reduce my pain. Until I met Dr. Aguila.

After surgery with Dr. Aguila, my life changed dramatically. I’m not taking any pain meds anymore. I’m going on walks with my wife. I’m playing with my kids. Just little things like talking my kids to the park are amazing. We were all missing out on so much.

The advice I have for people suffering from chronic pain is don’t give up. Don’t let the pain win. Give Dr. Aguila call.

Dr. Aguila is an amazing doctor but he’s even a better person. My family and I will be forever grateful for his help and friendship!!!
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