Postherpetic Neuralgia: How Dr. Aguila Can Eliminate the Pain

Kathleen had Shingles that led to a painful nerve condition called Postherpetic Neuralgia. Known as PHN, it affects 20% of Shingles sufferers.
She languished for months in pain until her husband researched online and found an innovative surgeon in another state.
Dr. Demetrio Aguila is one of only a handful of chronic pain focused Peripheral Nerve Surgeons in the world.
Watch how Dr. Aguila inspired and then successfully operated on Kathleen.
Contact Dr. Aguila and learn more about Postherpetic Neuralgia


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  1. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    Can you tell me exactly how the PHN procedure is done? Is it under general anesthesia? Is it an outpatient procedure? My mother has been suffering PHN for 16 months. We are near Knoxville, TN. What would the process be to see if she is a candidate? Thank you!

  2. Jeff Gold
    Jeff Gold says:


    Did you end up getting treatment? My wife is suffering from a PHN.

    I’m wondering how your situation turned out … I hope your mom is ok.
    Jeff Gold (


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